Toshiba Famio 5


A full range of functions, all in a small, compact body.
The new Famio 5: A system with outstanding diagnostic capabilities covering a wide range of applications. High clinical versatility. Easy to use. Fast start-up. Alldigital exam storage and networking.
Smart Ultrasound in a compact unit, designed to ease your daily practice.

• Triple-frequency broadband transducers for all applications.

• One-touch image quality optimization provided by IP dial.

• Sharp, clear images at any setting with AutoFocus function.

• Sleek, integrated design with excellent mobility.

• Fold-away color LCD screen with high image quality.

• Ready for scanning in just 10 seconds.

• Intuitive panel with programmable key functions for smooth operation.

• Unique Palm Controller for easy operation with minimum hand movement.

• Fully featured, programmable measurement package.

• Digital image storage on integrated hard disk or CD drive.

• Digital transfer of images via network directly to your PC.

• Digital transfer of patient information and measurement


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